Foster Care Love Bags for 2020 - $3,325

Organization: Village Connection Inc.
3691 Devon Park Lane NW
3691 Devon Park Lane NW Kennesaw 30144

Poor/Economically Disadvantaged
Family Services

Imagine you are a child at home with your family and there is a knock at the door. A DFCS caseworker enters your home with police in tow to remove you from your home and your belongings are put in a trash bag. As you move from foster home to foster home all you carry with you is a trash bag. Village Connection Inc. is requesting $3,325.00 to provide 175 children in DFCS's care a Foster Care LOVE bag. LOVE bags are duffel bags with toiletry items, a play toy, an educational toy and a poem. Each bag costs approximately $19. Please help us show these children they are not disposable like trash bags, but LOVED as they should be.