9th Grade Drop-out Prevention, coupled with Parental Training

Organization: iFOCUS Consulting Firm, Inc.
Pebblebrook High School, 991 Old Alabama Road
Pebblebrook High School, 991 Old Alabama Road Mableton 30126

803-747-6028 ifocusg25mentoringprogram@gmail.com
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged

The iFOCUS G25 Mentoring Program will utilize a specialized Close Gaps Curriculum conceptualized around the concepts of Shaping Character, Avoiding Pitfalls, Setting Goals, Excelling in Education, Having Fun, and Being Productive accompanied by the 20/20 Vision Program for parents. Implementation of this innovative program will require an infusion of capital. Funding will be used to offset costs associated with the student-centered iFOCUS Program and the parent-centered 20/20 Vision Program. Funds will be used to provide parents who participate in the 20/20 Vision Program with support such as a school-based Resource Center that provides access to technology many parents lack at home in order to assist their child. iFOCUS funding will be used for but not limited to the following: a stand-alone Dell Laptop Cart to be used in conjunction with the Excelling in Education component; a computer-based Character Education module program to be used in conjunction with the Shaping Character and Avoiding Pitfalls components; student-led community service projects associated with the Being Productive component; educational visits to local businesses, military bases, and colleges as part of the Setting Goals component; and monthly recognition of successful and dedicated parents and students who are successful within 20/20 Vision and as a component of Having Fun in iFOCUS. Without the needed funding, such a groundbreaking and transformative idea will never come to fruition.