Financial Need

End-Of-Life Care for Cancer Patients in Cobb County

Organization: Vi & Milton Weinstein Hospice (Weinstein Hospice)

To help meet the acute care needs of cancer patients receiving hospice care from Weinstein Hospice. Out of almost 200 hospice organizations in Georgia, Weinstein Hospice is one of only a handful of non-profit hospices. Due to the very high cost of care for cancer patients, hospices in our state often have conflicting goals; To maximize profit and provide good patient care. Often, these two goals are at odds with one another. Physicians and hospitals in the Atlanta area refer more cancer patients to us than to other hospices, relative to our size. Source: compare 1st Quarter 2020. Currently, 37% of patients under our care have a cancer diagnosis, which is significantly higher than the state and national average. In order to care for more cancer patients with higher acuity to OUR standard (not just Medicare bare-minimums), we keep our nurse to patient ratios lower than most hospices to provide longer or more frequent visits as needed. Our pharmacy costs are notably higher for patients with end-stage cancer as well, because we often use compounded medications which are significantly more expensive to use. Why and how do we do it? Because we raise the money to provide the highest quality care needed, we don’t keep it.

  • Phone: 404-665-4181
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  • Population Served: All
  • Category: Health & Wellness
  • Amount Needed: $35,000.00

3150 Howell Mill Rd NW