Wellstar’s Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund

Organization: Wellstar Foundation

Marietta 30062

678-838-5740 give@wellstar.org
All amounts welcome!

Through charitable contributions to the WellStar Foundation, the Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund aims to financially assist WellStar Team Members who have experienced an unforeseen crisis in their life. The fund is administered by The Center for Family Resources (CFR), where CFR social workers manage the interview and needs assessment process for our Team Members. While this fund has been in place for many years, the economic impact of COVID-19 to our communities has hit the homes of many of our team members’ families as well. We have a local foundation (My Friends and Me Foundation) currently matching gifts made to the Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund, up to $5,000. The fund averages raising $200K annually and many Wellstar team members are regular contributors. We have just opened the fund to the public and have already seen multiple community donations coming in alongside the matching gift program. Wellstar has 25,000 team members and any can apply for funding in times of crisis. However, all team members are capped at $5,000 in support to maintain equitable distribution. Only Wellstar team members are allowed to apply and must go through an assessment with Center for Family Resources to identify the crisis and apply appropriate funding. The fund is set up to directly pay bills for the team member (i.e. rent/utilities/medical bills). Being partnered to CFR allows for a deeper dive into the family dynamic/situation and provide additional community support resources as needed. To give to the Wellstar COVID-19 Relief Fund online, visit wellstar.org/covid19relief