Financial Need

Summer Social Work for Cobb County Students

Organization: Cobb County Public Schools Educational Foundation, Inc

Due to the school closures caused by the pandemic and the COVID‐19 infection, the sudden switch to distance learning and growing economic uncertainties are causing chronic stress in the homes of our students. Subsequently we are modifying the way that we stay connected to our students by offering virtual counseling (both individual and groups), phone conferences to assess needs of the family and consistent “check‐ins” with students who were meeting with social workers individually. Reports of significant increases in household needs, our students experiencing unprecedented academic, social‐emotional, and attendance challenges. Being able to provide consistent casework throughout the summer months while having an opportunity to fully prepare for the next school year and the changes expected there, will only benefit our vulnerable students. Many factors go in to preparing and assisting our students through so much change, especially while experiencing change ourselves. Students have been in their homes since March 13, 2020 and we have received reports of increased family violence, depression, food insecurity, housing issues, and the inability for students to connect digitally. Attempting to meet any one of these issues is challenging, but today we are seeing these issues compounding. Summer staffing $35,000 will provide five (5) CCSD social workers throughout the summer. Our district is broken down into five (5) clusters for social work. This funding will provide compensation for the continuum of care for our at‐risk students and allow us more opportunities to prepare for the upcoming school year and anticipated changes in school climate. Economic Aid $25,000 will help provide economic aid to families in need. Our social work supervisor coordinates all economic aid in conjunction with many outside agencies like Center for Family Resources, MUST Ministries, United Way, and others. For families presenting emergent needs or those who did not qualify for assistance due to limiting factors, our social workers provide funding for food, transportation, housing, prescription assistance, school supplies, and/or school clothing. Tele‐Mental Health $10,000 to provide digital devices to families in need of virtual counseling who do not have a device and/or connectivity. Each device costs approximately $280 and connectivity is estimated to cost approximately $150 for one year of service. Staff Care $5,000 will help provide training for our school counselors and social work staff who will need additional mechanisms in place to adjust to a new learning environment for everyone.

  • Phone: 770-490-5934
  • Email:
  • Population Served: Children (5-14)
  • Category: Children & Youth Education
  • Amount Needed: $$5,000 - $35,000

514 Glover Street