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Sponsor a Zoned 4 Re-Entry Intern

Organization: Davis Direction Foundation

This project focuses on the continuation and expansion of the Zoned 4 Re-Entry Certification Program, an innovative partnership with the District Attorney’s office of Cobb County, Georgia. The DDF Zoned 4 Re-Entry Certification Program partners with local rehabilitative programs to provide evidence-based services that will assist individuals whose substance use disorders have kept them from living their best lives possible. The program focuses on comprehensive support for individuals recently released from a correctional institution, so that they may develop the necessary skills to not only become functioning members of society, but also maintain their personal recovery. The program relies heavily on peer support, providing these individuals with evidence that recovery from substance use disorder is real and possible. The program participants will work alongside peers in recovery as well as recovery allies, friends and/or family members of individuals with substance use disorders. Through the partnership with the District Attorney’s office of Cobb County, individuals with non-violent drug/alcohol related offenses with substance use disorders who have agreed to participate in Cobb County Drug Court, DUI Court, or Veteran’s Court are eligible to apply for the Zoned 4 Re-entry Certification Program. The Zoned 4 Re-Entry Program is also open to a select few sober living and treatment facilities with similar levels of accountability. Interns work at The Zone and will be paid 20 hours per week Monday through Friday, five hours per day. In addition, interns are required to complete five hours of unpaid community service work per week at The Zone. Interns are required to participate in weekly one-on-one recovery coaching sessions with a Certified Recovery Coach. Each week, interns will learn critical skills for health, wellness and self-care. The Zone staff and/or certified facilitators provide programs including exercise, yoga, nutrition, purchasing and cooking meals, planning on a budget, and tobacco cessation. Communication, conflict resolution, coping skills, addiction education, relapse prevention, and healthy relationship building will be emphasized throughout the Program during experiential learning groups with Certified Experiential Specialists. Education on financial management, time management and organizational skills will be provided weekly. Job readiness skills training is provided by partner, Atlanta Crossroads. Each Friday, interns gain valuable work experience as they complete their unpaid community service work. Interns gain job skills as they serve in one of the programs at The Zone including the coffee shop and thrift shop. Emphasis is on the development of marketable job skill such as work etiquette, inventory, ordering, customer service, Point of Sale System training, communication, and conflict resolution among other things. The Zoned 4 Re-Entry Program is provided to 32 interns per year. This Program is 12 weeks long. Success is measured by pre and post-program questionnaires, a 90% attendance rate, active participation, assessments and follow up interviews at 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year from the start of the program. An annual report is provided to show results and success rates.

  • Phone: 770-693-5982
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  • Population Served: Substance Abusers
  • Category: adult education
  • Amount Needed: $$2,000

Sponsor a Zoned 4 Re-Entry Intern
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