Atlanta GLOW College Prep Assistance

Organization: Atlanta GLOW
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PO Box 670653 Marietta 30066

Teenagers (14-19)
adult education

Many economically disadvantaged students face an unexpected roadblock to college attendance — the cost of items on dorm-room checklists. Many of these students are the first in their families to attend college, and struggle with figuring out how they would get to campus, what they need to take with them and how to navigate the landscape once they get to school. Some also have the additional stress of leaving a family that depends on them for child care or for income from a part-time job. Nevertheless, as exciting as it may be, college is a big step, and at Atlanta GLOW, we want these students to arrive to campus confident and knowing they have all the necessities. If we can lessen that stress, they can focus on their studies and having a strong semester. Atlanta GLOW’s trunk party program is an event where eligible college-bound students receive sheets, blankets, towels, toiletries, notebooks, pens and other college essentials to help them prepare for their first semester away from home. Our trunk parties are a pep rally for education, it’s about spotlighting kids who are trying to move forward with their lives and prosper. It's about instilling hope and letting our young people know we love them and are proud of them. Students apply to be a part of the program, in which before departing with their trunks, they hear from speakers about the college experience and are matched with mentors.