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Organization: Cobb County Youth Museum, Inc.
649 Cheatham Hill Drive
649 Cheatham Hill Drive Marietta

Children (5-14)
Children & Youth Education

The Cobb Youth Museum is a non-profit educational resource center offering children the opportunity to learn about significant historical, social, and cultural events through instructional activities which integrate arts and education while emphasizing personal involvement and participation. The Cobb County Youth Museum, Inc. was organized by the Junior Welfare League in 1964. Its purpose was the creation of an educational resource center through which the youth of Cobb County and surrounding areas could enrich their educational, cultural, and recreational lives. In September 1964, the Youth Museum Guild was organized to prepare suitcase exhibits for school distribution. The success of the suitcase exhibits forced the Youth Museum Guild to build what is the current museum facility. On April 12, 1970, the Cobb Youth Museum building, exhibits, and surrounding grounds were officially opened and used as a learning center. The Youth Museum acts as an extension of the classroom. During the guided tours for school groups each day, children move through several exhibit areas participating in an unfolding narrative of selected historic and cultural interest. Children are chosen to dress in costumes and act out a brief skit at each setting along the tour, bringing history alive in story fashion, much to the delight of their classmates. By acting out historical scenes via these mini-plays, students are given an opportunity to create context around the people and events they have learned about in the classroom. Our staff consists of an executive director, director of education and development, administrative assistant and five tour coordinators, or docents. Each docent studies and learns the historical information for her assigned exhibit area. In our current exhibit, America’s Pathways to Independence, fourth grade students participate in events leading up to the American Revolutionary War and learn how America won its independence from England. Our trained docents tell the story of each room, while managing the skits and allowing the students to participate with questions and/or comments that help them understand why the colonists weren’t happy with King George, what they did about it and how the decisions our forefathers made back in 1776 affect us today. The students leave The Youth Museum with a better understanding of how our country was formed and hopefully, a better appreciation of the sacrifices that were made to make this country great! We host close to 15,000 students, teachers and parents each year, so you can imagine with that amount of traffic our 49-year-old facility is beginning to show its age. Our current facility does not have a lobby or covered entrance into the museum. Students exit the bus and enter directly into our puppet theater. This becomes a problem for our second tour students as they must sit on the bus and wait for the first tour to end before they can enter the museum. On rainy days, students and teachers will get wet. Most of our tours bring up to 60 students, and we currently have one restroom for those students to use when they visit. If half of these students need to visit the restroom while they are here it definitely cuts into their tour time and takes away from their museum experience. We are in desperate need of repairs and expansion. The addition includes a new lobby, restrooms, puppet theater, 3 exhibit areas and a centrally located dressing room. The renovation will repurpose our existing facility into new office space, a docent workroom and kitchen, a workshop and multipurpose space that will be available to the Cobb community.