Available: Masks for Front Line Heroes

Organization: Make Masks 2020

Listing Type: Medical

Phone: Online

Email: Online@online.com

Website: https://www.makemasks2020.org/order

Population Served: All

Category: Disaster & Emergency Service

If you are: •A hospital or medical facility •An organization serving vulnerable populations such as nursing home, shelter, or soup kitchen •An essential business or service such as a daycare, veterinarian, grocer, farm, or first responder Your order will be matched to makers within your region, the ability to accept shipped donations is ideal •Makers will send their masks as they complete batches of at least 10, you will get multiple packages until your order is filled. •Based on the number of orders and the availability of sewists and supplies in your area, it may take some time to fill your order. Orders taken online only: https://www.makemasks2020.org/order