Mentoring Youth

Organization: Marietta Mentoring for Leadership
Zip Code: 30064 City: Marietta, GA
Start: 03/05/2019
End: 12/30/2020
Category: Children & Youth Education
Population Served: Teenagers (14-19)
Suited For: Adult 21+
Volunteer Limit:
Requirement: 22 years and older
Phone Number: 678-255-6238
Contact: Kristen Thompson
Contact Email:
Needed Days:
Description: Mentor a youth in Marietta! We offer training and support throughout the year. Community mentors have various ways to connect with students through our organization: be a one-to-one mentor for an 8th-12th grader, serve as a small group mentor for 6th or 7th graders, help juniors and seniors complete college and scholarship applications, serve lunch to students once per month at the high school, or attend events throughout the year as an extra set of hands.