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  • Click LOGIN.

  • If you do not have an account, click Create new account and follow the instructions provided.  

  • You should now be logged in and see your name in the upper right hand corner.   


  • To edit your organization use the drop down menu under your name and select My Profile. 


  • Click My Organizations.

  • If your organization is listed on this page, skip the next bullet. If not, continue here as you will need to tie your organization to your individual profile. After you do so the first time, all future edits can be made skipping over the next bullet.

  • How to tie your organization to your individual profile:

    • Before making any changes, make sure the original person who set up the organization emails CCF at CCFTeam@cobbfoundation.org so we know to authorize a new user.

    • Click Search Non-Profits and Programs

    • On the Search Non-Profits page, scroll down, then under Keywords, type the name of your organizations.  Click the View organizations only button, then click List View.

    • If your organization is not listed in these results, you will need to add your organization by going to the Add An Organization page under Resources. 

    • If your organization is listed, open your organization’s page by clicking on the result from your search.

    • Click Edit.  (NOTE:  While anyone can submit an edit to any organization, only edits submitted by authorized persons will be approved.)



  • Click Edit


  • Fields with an asterisk are required for your information to save. While not required, we strongly encourage you to provide all social media handles. For example, the Facebook handle for Cobb Community Foundation is @CobbFoundation.


  • Click SAVE.

  • You will see a message on the screen: "Thank you for editing this data. Your changes will be submitted to the platform administrator for review." CCF will review the information and email you that your organization is active or to let you know chanegs are needed. If the email lists any problems that needed to be addressed, please make these changes at your earliest convenience. Not doing so may lead to the removal of the organization.