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Map Features

First of all, please note that this page defaults to Map View; if you would like a list of organizations, click ‘List View’. While in Map View, you have the following options for how your map looks:

  • Map (default), Satellite, and Street

Switch between Map and Satellite in the top left corner of the map. Street view is just Google Maps, and can be seen by picking up the symbol of the yellow man in the right corner of the map and dropping him into the map.

See the resource legend at the top of the map for a key to all the different symbols for organizations/programs.

THE CONNECTION was created by Cobb Community Foundation as a mechanism for non-profits to share information about their missions, programs and resource needs.  The availability of such information is neither an endorsement nor recommendation of any organization or program described, and Cobb Community Foundation cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information presented.  Users are encouraged to perform their own due diligence before seeking services or donating time or other resources to any organization listed herein.