Use the CONNECTION to Map Your Impact

Use THE CONNECTION to locate charitable organizations and/or programs within Cobb County or the cities and zip codes shared by Cobb and another county.  You can search below using keywords associated with specific organizations or programs, the issue or cause you are interested in working with or supporting, or the population you wish to work with or support.  If you are looking for just organizations, or just programs, you may filter by those options as well. Log in to save your searches and access those previously saved. After you have input your search criteria, hit 'Map View' to map the organizations that match those criteria. 
Map Features
First of all, please note that this page defaults to map view; if you would like a list of all the organizations that match your search criteria, you may click list view after inputing your 'search for...' criteria.  While in Map View, you have the following options for how to your map looks: Map (default), Satellite, and and Street. Switch between Map and Satellite in the top left corner of the map (although if you are looking for a simple map, stay on the default). Street view is just Google Maps, and can be seen by picking up the symbol of the yellow man in the right corner of the map and dropping him into the map. See the resource legend at the top of the map for a key to all the different symbols for organizations/programs