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#StrongGirls Funding Needed Posted On : 01-23-2019

16 High School junior and senior young women are currently enrolled in our #StrongGirls program at Campbell and North Cobb Christian high schools. #StrongGirls is an in-school, during the day social/emotional based, curriculum driven experience filled with conversation, training, exercises, reflection, interaction and teaching enabling them to have their lives unlocked in order to realize their unique contribution to the world!

AFTH Youth Program Posted On : 02-22-2019

Clarkdale 30106
AFTH Youth Program will provide harps and group harp music enrichment programs to 8 Cobb county after school program sites including 4 libraries, 2 Cobb county elementary schools, and 2 recreational centers. Each site will be provided with harps and all instructional materials to host a one month program per site. This will include 60 minutes of instruction per week for 4 weeks, concluding in a concert for family, friends and community members. Up to 30 students per site will be served pe

AFTH Senior Citizen Programs Posted On : 02-22-2019

Clarkdale 30080
The AFTH Senior Program provides harps for lessons, and group harp music enrichment and music therapy programming to Cobb county facilities that serve senior citizens. We will provide a one month program to each site. Each program will include once a week 60 minute music enrichment programming with therapeutic benefits to seniors at: 6 Assisted Living Facilities 2 Senior Recreation Centers We will serve up to 15 seniors per location for each of the 8 sites. This will be a total of 120 sen

Playground Updates Posted On : 03-07-2019

Our playground needs updating, sprucing up, and additional equipment. Our students have learning disabilities and ADHD. They need to get outside several times a day and blow off steam.

Multi-Use Sports Field Support Posted On : 03-27-2019

Kennesaw 30152
We will be complete with phase one of our multi-use sports field project this spring. This phase will include grading, a new track for walking/running, and laying new sod. We have funding for backstops, bases, etc for equipment, but we do not have funding for 4 sets of bleachers for spectators to cheer on our clients.

Disability Community Resource Fair Posted On : 03-27-2019

Smyrna 30081
Our organization is hosting it's first Disability Community Resource Fair in partnership with Northstar Church, in Kennesaw, on July 12th. We are seeking donors to provide financial assistance for us to promote the event, provide necessary ancillary items such as electrical cords, surge protectors, and refreshments for 40-50 vendors and 200 individuals attending the resource fair. Last year our efforts helped reduce financial distress and improve access to care for 125 families' disabled childr

Funds for Family Gas Cards Posted On : 04-17-2019

Kennesaw 30152
Funds are being requested to purchase gas cards to support families who have a financial barrier to attending and being involved in their child's treatment. The success of a client's treatment is highly dependent on the family also understanding the work at hand. Gas cards break down that barrier of paying for gas to participate in therapy and visitation. Gas cards are purchased in increments of $25.00. $200.00 would assist 8 families.