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Organization: Brookwood Christian School for Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities
Acworth GA 30101
Students in special education are really struggling with hybrid virtual/in person education. Many parents who never considered private school want to enroll their students in a special needs school but can't afford it. We have more scholarship requests than we have funds to grant them.
Organization: NW Metro Atlanta Habitat for Humanity
COVID-19 crisis threatens to undo our homeowners’ hard-won stability. They are often in jobs most affected by the pandemic. They are cooks, cashiers, restaurant servers and maintenance workers. Many work for small businesses. Or they work in health care and may have become sick or required to quarantine. No matter the industry they work in, many Habitat homeowners have experienced a job loss or furlough or have seen their wages cut and are struggling to pay their mortgages.  Please help u

Governmental ID Assistance

Posted On : 08-25-2020
Organization: Davis Direction Foundation
Marietta 30060
Need donations to help people in recovery from substance use disorder get birth certificates, social security cards, and state issued ID to help them secure employment, housing, and/or treatment.
Organization: Davis Direction Foundation
We need gift cards to help people in recovery from substance use disorder get back on their feet or deal with temporary emergencies. Examples we need are: $50 Grocery only Gift Card $50 Home Depot/Lowe's Gift Card $25 Gas Only gas station gift cards