Goods & Services

Needed: Toys, Games, Arts & Crafts Supplies, Educational Activities needed from our Amazon Wish List

Organization: Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Georgia

As our individuals adhere to social distancing guidelines, while spending more time indoors, our team members have been brainstorming on fun and educational ways to engage our individuals. With their help, we’ve developed “wish lists” through Amazon that include: toys, games, arts and crafts supplies, educational activities, and more. • If you choose to purchase on Amazon, items will be shipped directly to our center. • Please make sure to select a gift receipt to be sent with the package, so we can thank you for your support. • Be sure you are signed into so 0.5% of your purchase will be donated from Amazon to Devereux. • Our Recreational Supplies Campaign is a peer-to-peer fundraiser, so you can easily share with friends and family - and ask them to support Devereux!

Location: Marietta

Listing Type: Games

Phone: 770-427-0147



Population Served: Children (5-14)

Category: covid19