Revved Up Kids, Inc.

Peachtree Corners, GA

Revved Up Kids is on a mission to protect children and teens from the horrors of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. We accomplish this mission through a spectrum of training programs that equip children and teens to recognize unsafe people, avoid dangerous situations and escape attackers, and equip adults to be better protectors.

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  • Executive Director: Alli Neal
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    Revved Up Kids offers sexual abuse prevention training programs for children, teens, parents and youth-serving organizations both in-person (throughout metro-Atlanta and North Georgia) and virtually. Revved Up Kids has trained tens of thousands of Atlanta's children and teens to be safer from predators, and thousands of adults to be better protectors. Revved Up Kids charges tuition for groups who can afford to pay for our training programs, but no child should be denied our life-saving training due to an inability to afford tuition, so we raise funds from generous individual donors and philanthropic organizations that enable us to provide free training for economically disadvantaged and high-risk children and teens.

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    Alli Neal, Executive Director

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Revved Up Kids, Inc.
3105 Gateway Drive, Suite C
Peachtree Corners, GA 30071
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All Programs

Single session workshops for boys and girls in K-8th grade, and for girls in 6th-12th grade and college. These workshops teach participants to Be SMART (recognize unsafe people and dangerous situations), Be STRONG (use awareness and self-protective behaviors to be safer and reduce risk, use voice and body with power to deter a threat, use simple self defense tactics to injure an attacker and escape to safety) and Be SAFE (incorporate good personal safety habits and regular dialogue into the family conversation). Workshops are offered through private groups, youth-serving organizations, schools, municipalities, and government agencies throughout metro-Atlanta and North Georgia.

Revved Up Kids offers seminars for parents that equip them to be better protectors of their children. These seminars open participants' eyes to the dangers posed by predators in their children's real and online worlds, and offer tips and advice to keep children and teens safer and foster an ongoing family safety dialogue. These seminars are offered at no charge to groups of at least 15 parents. A nominal fee is charged for smaller groups.

Revved Up Kids is a certified Not a #Number facilitator. Not a #Number is an interactive, five-module prevention curriculum designed to teach youth how to protect themselves from human trafficking and exploitation through information, critical thinking, and skill development. This training is ideal for high school age youth.

Stewards of Children is an adult-focused prevention training program that centers on improving the awareness of the prevalence, consequences, and circumstances of child sexual abuse (CSA). The training aims to educate adults (primarily child care professionals) to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to CSA. Stewards of Children can be delivered to medical and childcare professionals for CEUs, to staff and volunteers in youth-serving organizations, and to groups of concerned adults.

Revved Up Kids offers many of its training programs for children, teens and parents in live virtual formats and video formats.


Board of Directors

Revved Up Kids is an Atlanta based nonprofit on a mission to protect children and teens from sexual abuse and exploitation. We are seeking volunteers to join our Board of Directors and help us grow our organization and reach more children with our vital training. Our Board meets quarterly and has a check-in call virtually in between quarterly meetings. Directors are relied upon to provide consulting in their areas of expertise and to drive the strategic vision of the organization. Interested candidates should reach out to request a Board Information Packet.