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To bring awareness to mental illness, suicide prevention and bullying through workshops, conferences, and tours that will stop the stigma attached to mental illness and promote healing.

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  • Executive Director: Venessa D. Abram
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    EIN: 824443563
  • Revenue: $45,000
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    Mental Health, Bullying and Suicide Intervention Services

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    Self-Discovery. A Daily Journey with Venessa Anderson-Abram

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    Venessa Abram

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    Venessa Abram

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Self Discovery PPP Inc
4021 McGinnis Ferry Rd #133
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SDPPP is a suicide prevention and recovery program that provides multiple approaches to increase wellness, resiliency, and protective factors among those at risk for or impacted by suicide. While the statistics on suicide are troubling for every age group, SDPPP offers paths to intervention that encourages individuals, families and communities to learn the warning signs and get help when help is needed. SDPPP works to prevent suicide and foster recovery through advocacy seminars, prevention training and workshops, and private coaching and mentoring, and a coordination of community-based resources and referrals. We anticipate adding a 24/7 crisis support line and a mobile crisis unit to our program services in 2019. SDPPP’ s programs and services incorporate a prevention and recovery approach that fully involves people with lived experiences, concerned community members, and community-based service organizations in program service delivery, implementation and evaluation.

The purpose of this Workshop is to equip the community affected by COVID-19 to recognize and respond to crisis situations and mental health conditions. In addition, attendees will be empowered to manage their own mental health through self-care as they deal with the systemic stressors of their environments.

Goods & Services

NEEDED: Office Space

We are in need of space to start our permanent home to offer FREE mental health and wellness services.

NEDED: Arts & Crafts Materials

We are in need of arts and crafts supplies for our mental health workshops.

NEEDED: Laptops

We are in need of 2 laptops for use during our Mental Health Workshops.

NEEDED: Games & Toys

We are in need of games and toys for the children of families affected by mental health crisis's.


Dedicated Fundraisers Needed

Need assistance with raising funds to continue to provide FREE mental health and suicide prevention and wellness education to the community. In efforts to eradicate suicide.

Virtual Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers for the following activities: Social Media Management, Fundraising, Networking, Grant writer, Event Planner, Fall Fashion Fundraiser, Executive Assistant, Financial Accountant, Manager of Volunteers, Walk Volunteers, Videographer, Make up Artists, Photographer and Research Analyst