Tommy Nobis Center

Marietta, GA

Tommy Nobis Center's mission is Empowering People Through Employment. Since 1977, we have helped over 25,000 individuals with disabilities find and keep meaningful jobs, elevating their self-sufficiency and helping them become contributors within their community.

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  • Phone: 770-427-9000
  • Executive Director: Dave Ward
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    EIN: 581290439
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    Our employment services are personalized to each participant’s unique situation and provide coaching every step of the way. We find solutions to your staffing and production problems with our capable participants and fully operational warehouse.

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    2019, 2015

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1480 Bells Ferry Road
Marietta, GA 30066
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Populations Disabled

Goods & Services

NEEDED: Donations of Sky Miles

Nobis Works, d/b/a Tommy Nobis Center, serves people with disabilities across 24 states and Washington, D.C. We provide education, training and support to those with barriers to employment. Through our Government Solutions division, we have over 35 years of experience as a federal contractor, meeting the employment needs of various government agencies across the nation. To maintain compliance with our contracts and ensure the needs of our teammates are met, we are required to travel across the country to our contract sites, resulting in travel expenses including airfare. Donations of Sky Miles will help to offset travel costs accrued by our staff as they orient, train, and oversee people with disabilities in government-contact roles.

Needed: Computers and Tablets

Tommy Nobis Center needs donations of computers and tablets to help program participants access job readiness training, skills certifications, and educational opportunities. This will also aid in job search and job placement activities as they seek meaningful employment.

Needed: Transportation Vouchers / Bus Cards

Reliable transportation is a daily challenge for people with disabilities. Donations of bus cards for CobbLinc, Breeze Cards for CobbLinc and MARTA, and gift cards/vouchers for Uber and Lyft will assist our program participants in accessing transportation to and from our training sites, both within the community and the Tommy Nobis Center facility. This will also aid their job search activities, providing transportation to interviews and job placement resources.

Needed: Vehicles Donated

Tommy Nobis Center's Vehicle Donations Program provides a simple, stress-free way for individuals to donate their vehicle, helping provide job opportunities for people with disabilities. A vehicle donation is tax-deductible and is like any monetary donation with one added step - the donated vehicle will be sold if operational or scrapped and recycled. Proceeds will help fund our programs, providing opportunities for people with disabilities.

All Programs

Tommy Nobis Center's Early Youth Employment Services (EYES)

Early Youth Employment Services (EYES) is designed to provide vocational and educational opportunities to Cobb County students with disabilities. The youth of today are the workforce of tomorrow. We are supporting Cobb County youth as they prepare for seamless integration into the workforce and st...

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Job Placement Services

Job Readiness Training is offered to assist with writing a resume, practicing job interviews, and learning to complete paper/pencil, and online job applications. Individuals work with employment specialists to design an employment plan to reach their desired career goal. Job shadowing to observe job...

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Ticket to Work

Tommy Nobis Center is an authorized Ticket to Work provider. Ticket to Work is a federally-funded program that provides individuals receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits the support they need to enter the workforce.

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Classroom Instruction and Skills Training for Work Preparedness

Classes are offered to assist with teaching job readiness skills, job keeping skills and best work practices. Other classes can also include GED preparation and transportation training to teach individuals how to get to a job. Specific skills training is also offered in Computer Training. This self...

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Vocational Evaluations

A comprehensive vocational evaluation is a combination of hands-on, computer and paper/pencil testing to measure an individual’s vocational interests, aptitudes and academic abilities. An individual assessment plan is written with each individual to determine assessments to use that will relate to...

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Work Adjustment Training

Work adjustment training assists individuals with disabilities in building stamina, improving communication skills with co-workers and supervisors, and preparing for employment. Training is provided at community-based employment sites. Tommy Nobis Center provides on-site supervisors at the community...

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Veterans Services

In partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Tommy Nobis Center helps Veterans residing in Cobb County with vocational services at our facility. Veterans who want to work can learn about the opportunities available to them from the VA and its partners. Topics include Compensated Work The...

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EYES Summer Youth

The EYES Summer Youth program is an continuum of the EYES program administered within local schools during the academic year. This summer offering for youth with disabilities reinforces skills learned during the EYES classroom-based program, while also exploring new curriculum and skills to furthe...

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Medicaid Waiver

Through Tommy Nobis Center, individuals with severe disabilities who are enrolled in the Medicaid Waiver program have access to elevated offerings specifically designed to meet their level of need. This includes the availability of community access services, prevocational services, and supported em...

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Your Opportunity To Thrive (Y.O.T.T.)

This program directly addresses the challenges experienced by ex-offenders with disabilities as they reintegrate into the community and re-enter the workforce, creating pathways from incarceration to employment. Through the provision of structured prevention and education programming, specifically ...

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Vehicle Donations Program

Tommy Nobis Center's Vehicle Donations Program provides a simple, stress-free way for individuals to donate their vehicle, helping provide job opportunities for people with disabilities. A vehicle donation is tax-deductible and is like any monetary donation with one added step - the donated vehicle...

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Business Solutions

Tommy Nobis Center's Business Solutions helps program participants learn and refine the job skills they need to gain independence, all while working on real-world projects from companies that partner with us. This offering presents companies with the opportunity to change the lives of people with d...

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