The Minerva Foundation, Inc.

Marietta, GA

The mission of TMFI is to partner with non-profit organizations as a funding resource for community projects and programs.

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  • Executive Director: Tonia Nelson
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    EIN: 470926754
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    The Minerva Foundation, Inc. (TMFI) establishes partnerships with community organizations within the metro Atlanta, Georgia area to facilitate new funding opportunities. Since 2003, TMFI has been a resource and a conduit to support youth and families through educational development, counseling and referrals. A web of support that includes individuals, families, professionals and volunteers provides strength and direction for positive community growth. As a 501(c)(3) organization, our mission is to support the advancement of education, provide relief to the poor and underprivileged, support the defense of human and civil rights, and address public health issues.

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    Tonia Nelson

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The Minerva Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 674513
Marietta, GA 30006
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Impact Day 2019

The proposed project brings together resources to improve communities via a free, public initiative. Physical and Mental Health (flu shot)/ Educational Development (Local College Fair)/ Economic Development (Job Fair for Veterans) / Social Action (Voter Registration / Arts and Cultural (Local Artist Displays) / Emergency Response (smoke detectors).