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Delivered Vessels, Inc.
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    To prevent sexual abuse and exploitation of children, to provide a safe welcoming and supportive haven for young sexually abused youth confronted with the multiple challenges in our communities. To empower & promote healthy relationships, educational development, prevention, family values, financial responsibilities, wellness and spirituality. To encourage youth who are being exploited to “PLEASE TELL.”


    Chandra Southern

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    1400 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 134-135, Mableton, GA , 30126.

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    Through our partnerships in the community we offer ongoing workshops and activities that educates and strengthen the entire family. Delivered Vessels, Inc.’s goal is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote strong interpersonal/life skills, reassert a sense of hope, and empower them to be independent individuals, on a positive path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment. DVI started as an outreach to those young girls affected by the vicious cycle of Child Sexual Abuse, and forced into prostitution in the Metro Atlanta community. Today, it has grown into a movement that has evoked change in the lives of all youth, girls and boys across multiple states.

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  • Physical, Mental, or Sexual Abuse
  • Victims of Abuse
Organization Detail Delivered Vessels, Inc.
Physical, Mental, or Sexual Abuse
  • Chandra Southern
  • 404-941-4379
  • 1400 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 134-135, Mableton, GA , 30126.
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