The Center for Children and Young Adults, Inc.

Marietta, GA

CCYA's mission is to provide safe and suitable housing, youth development activities and comprehensive supportive housing services for at-risk homeless youth who have been abandoned, abused, neglected and/or sexually exploited.

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  • Phone: 770-333-9447
  • Executive Director: Kim Borna
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    Serving multiple counties throughout the Atlanta metro area and surrounding counties, The Center for Children & Young Adults provides a home for youth who have been abused, neglected, and/or abandoned by their caregivers. Our three-building campus offers four residential programs in a dormitory setting for up to 39 youth at one time in need of shelter, treatment, care and guidance.

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    2019, 2017, 2015

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    Kim Borna

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The Center for Children and Young Adults, Inc.
2221 Austell Road
Marietta, GA 30008
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All Programs

Rise Up Academy is an 11-bed home for boys and girls ages 16-20 providing emergency shelter and/or temporary housing with comprehensive youth development activities and supportive housing services. These youth are high-functioning and most have resided at CCYA long-term. This 11 bed program provides the youth the opportunity to work off campus and participate in Graduated Independence Plans (GIP) for independence skill building. This gives the older youth additional freedoms as well as more specific programming to address their unique needs as they approach young adulthood. Residents in Rise Up Academy receive an array of services including, but not limited to, weekly on-site individual therapy, support groups, tutoring and Life Skills workshops. The kids can join campus clubs, take cooking classes and participate in a host of community programs such as Orange Duffel Bag.

Open Gate is a 9-bed home for girls ages 12-17 providing emergency shelter and/or temporary housing with comprehensive youth development activities and supportive housing services. Residents receive an array of services including, but not limited to on-site individual therapy, support groups and Life Skills workshops.

Life Works is a 22-bed dormitory-style program for young adults ages 16-20 both male and female providing Transitional Housing with comprehensive youth development activities and supportive housing services focused on teaching life skills to prepare residents for independence and self-sufficiency in young adulthood (age 18+). Residents must be employed and/or enrolled in an educational, vocational, work skills, or job training program as a part of their transitional living program (TLP) requirements. Benefits of the program include basic needs provisions of shelter, food, and clothing assistance as well as educational assistance and support in earning a GED, high school diploma, or successfully passing the Georgia high school graduation test. Life Skills Instructors help youth to enroll in employment training programs, secure job placements, or earn professional licenses (e.g. cosmetology, nursing assistant). In the fall of 2010, CCYA launched a new and practical transitional living curriculum “Life Skills for Healthy Living” at Life Works. This program focuses on 9 domains of the original Casey Life Skills Curriculum. Work Life Housing and Money Management Work and Study Skills Home Life Career Planning Social Relationships Communication Self Care Daily Living

Goods & Services

Needed: Gift Cards

Youth come to CCYA because they have been abused, abandoned, neglected and/or sexually exploited. Many children arrive in the evening or overnight without adequate pajamas, change of underwear, socks or shoes. Gift cards help us immediately purchase these items to meet their needs. Gift cards are also used for birthday presents and birthday outings; meals for kids on the go to doctor and dentist appointments, child welfare hearings, and GED home school field trips. $5-$25 increments for Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Old Navy, Movies (AMC, Regal), Bowling (Brunswick Zone, Stars & Strikes), Chick Fil A, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Subway are greatly appreciated.

Needed: 7-Passenger Mini-Van(s)

We are in dire need of reliable transportation - four, 7-passenger new or low-mileage mini-vans, 2015 or newer with working seat belts and tires in good condition to safely transport our formerly homeless youth to mental/physical health appointments, school (high school, technical school, college), employment, therapy sessions, GED testing and group outings. On any given day we are transporting 42 youth. Our current vans frequently break down on youth outings and we are unable to transport all youth to school at one time. We must make multiple trips requiring the first group to to to school earlier than the doors open creating safety concerns.


CCYA Volunteers

CCYA offers a myriad of volunteer opportunities, particularly suited to groups: Farm-to-table garden (harvesting/planting/weeding) and grounds (spreading mulch, pruning trees, etc) service days; Facility maintenance (painting, flooring, repairs); Hosting and delivering donation drives (snacks, paper goods); Planning a cookout and outdoor recreation day with residents (in CCYA outdoor recreation - basketball/vollyball); Holiday Helper opportunities to sponsor a child(ren) for gift(s) that are opened at CCYA on Christmas morning; Deliver treats as Midnight Santas one evening during school holiday break to each dorm as a group; Wrap gifts in the CCYA Santa's Workshop.