VISIONful Communities, Inc.

Kennesaw, GA

To equip Young Adults, Minorities, and Women to LAUNCH, SUSTAIN, and GROW organizations that THRIVE in order to transform communities!

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    So many people (including you reading this) have MEGA ideas that can transform communities and one day change the world. Unfortunately, for these same individuals, dreams and visions often go unfulfilled without access to the proper resources (funds, tools, and training) to help them succeed. At VISIONful Communities our purpose is to fill this gap, “by equipping YOUNG ADULTS, MINORITIES, and WOMEN to LAUNCH, SUSTAIN, and GROW thriving organizations and businesses to transform communities.”

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    Latrisha Anderson

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VISIONful Communities, Inc.
2959 Cherokee Street, NW, Suite 102
Kennesaw, GA 30144
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Since there is such a great need to explore alternatives to traditional job creation for rising youth, VISIONful Communities provides middle school and high school students with unique opportunities, events and camps for them to develop and share their entrepreneurial ideas and solutions to problems they may see in the communities they live in. Through the WeLAUNCHkids2 Program, VISIONful Communities creates unique platforms also for the students to secure pilot or startup funding to launch the community solution as an actual initiative, business, or product. This project also provides students in Cobb County, Georgia, and beyond with interactive resources and engaging educational tools via an android and iPhone app on becoming a young entrepreneur along with practical steps to take.

Millennials now outnumber all other generations and because of this and the fact that 50% of them are expected to start an organization in the next 3 years, VISIONful Communities makes it a priority of equipping this group with tools and support to launch a business. The WeLAUNCH-Millennials Program allows on demand access to answers that arise when they are considering a business launch or as they go through the process. Millennials and young professionals have grown up in the digital age so VISIONful Communities offers free or low cost text/email subscriptions for their business related questions where they receive the best expert response without having to take the time to filter through hundreds of responses via web searches. Templates for budgets, business plans, goal setting, etc are also provided. Individuals that complete the online break into business course and assessment become eligible to receive financial support to cover the cost of business filing fees. VISIONful Communities recently polled millennials from Cobb County and found that the main things keeping people from starting businesses is the lack of startup funding (80%) or the lack of proper development (20%). This program provides both! With many millennials relocating to Cobb County this is a unique opportunity to pave their way to entrepreneurship.

In Georgia 47.7% women make up the workforce yet men still vastly outnumber women in leadership positions. The WeLAUNCH-Her Program provides resources and techniques to encourage the leadership development in women while also helping her to thrive in healthy balance of work, life, family, business, and service. The founder of VISIONful Communities is a mother of four and the owner of 4 businesses so she values women helping women and learning from each other on how to be better in all areas of life. This community of ladies has online and in person platforms for sharing encouragement and gaining wisdom and insight on climbing the leadership ladder in the workplace while maintaining a life of self-care and balance.

Faith-based organizations are greatly attributed to empowering individuals, improving lives, and the community at large by uniquely bringing together local residents and community members to achieve goals. Through the PUSH program VISIONful Communities provides millennial, women and minorities leaders of faith based organizations with creative tools and resources that help the organization to sustain and grow. Through this program these leaders are provided with handbooks and tools developed by VISIONful Communities on topics such as, "How to recruit, engage, and retain strong volunteer teams?", "Strategic Planning", and "Organizational Goal Setting".

The millennial population in the Cumberland area has increased by 32%, making Cobb the fastest growing millennial population in metro Atlanta! Women do 66% of the world’s work, unfortunately they only earn 10% of the world’s income; Youth and minorities have creative and unique ideas that can potentially transform local communities. These facts are why VISIONful Communities targets services to millennials, minorities, and women. The Cobb Up program is a special program that VISIONful Communities invites former/current WeLAUNCH or PUSH program participants (residing in or impacting Cobb County). This is a special cohort that helps us measure specific change and impact occurring in Cobb County as a result of the programs and services offered by VISIONful Communities. Through this program, participants enter into at least a yearlong partnership where more direct support is provided on a project that helps with 1). Launching a business/organization by completing business filings and business planning, 2). Sustaining it through creating ways to secure grant funding or financial support, and/or 3). Supporting organizational growth through strategic planning, organizational improvement, evaluation, logic models and growth strategies.

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Due to a need for alternatives for rising youth into the workforce, this expanded program allows 25 Cobb middle school students to turn community ideas into engaging videos that will be shared worldwide with opportunities for a business launch. 100 Cobb students will have access to entrepreneurial resources via a website and app for smart phones.



Camera Operator/Editor (Volunteer/Student/Internship Opportunity)

VISIONful Communities is seeking up to 3 Cobb County resident/student ages 13-22 who are interested in learning more about the video productions field where a unique training experience and hands on/in-the-field experience will be acquired. VISIONful Communities helps to connect resources and start-up funds to aspiring Cobb County entrepreneurs. This is done by producing professional videos to highlight and showcase the unique business ideas in order to raise support to help facilitate a launch of the new business. All 3 individual/s selected for this opportunity should have a desire to learn more about video recording and video editing or have had some knowledge or education in the field. This individual will work directly with a National video producer who has work on the CW and Nickelodeon; volunteers will also receive access to a mac computer and editing software. Additionally, internship credit can be obtained for college students. Volunteers will also have an opportunity to work with our staff to launch their very own video recording/production company in Cobb County if they choose to.