Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County

Marietta, GA

To advocate for and promote the common good and general welfare of seniors living in Cobb County. .To focus on providing relevant programs and activities and serve as a source of information on issues important to this age group

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  • Phone: 770-973-0870
  • Executive Director: John A. Iorillo, Jr., Vice President of Internal Affairs
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    EIN: 474434032
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    The Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County (SCC) is an all-volunteer and member-supported non-profit which helps seniors in the County to maintain connectivity through an informative website. The SCC advocates for seniors through interaction with the County Board of Commissioners, the Georgia Legislature, and partnerships with other organizations which assist seniors. A monthly “e-Bulletin” which is a relevant source of senior-oriented information is sent free to everyone who has requested inclusion on the distribution list. Membership is open to anyone living in Cobb County over the age of 55. The SCC is governed by its Bylaws with a Board of Directors as its governing body.

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    John A. Iorillo, Jr.

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Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County
1750 Powder Springs Road, Suite 190, Mailbox 107
Marietta, GA 30064
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All Programs

Our program is designed to be sure that all Seniors in Cobb County especially those in Senior Living Facilities are aware of their rights to vote in all elections and are able to get and submit absentee ballots. These activities include reaching out to seniors to be sure they are aware of their registration status and the ability to use the absentee ballots available for elections.

The Senior Citizen Council of Cobb provides funding for up to 2 students each year to participate in the Gerontology program at Kennesaw University. The elderly population will more than double between 2000 and 2030. By 2030, one in every four individuals will be over age 65 (U.S. Census Bureau). Why Gerontology? According to a recent article in the AJC, services for the elderly and disabled is the third-fastest growing job industry in Georgia with a growth of 56% in the past six years.

The motto of the Senior Citizen Council of Cobb is to KEEP COBB SENIORS CONNECTED. We do this by keeping current events that are of interest to Cobb seniors updated and providing a monthly BULLETIN to our membership. We also maintain a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. Our website is updated weekly for postings on topics of interest to Cobb seniors and Senior Veterans

Financial Needs

Funds to Purchase 3000 "Vial of Life Plus" Packets for Cobb Seniors

Approximately 40% of Cobb County seniors do not have a thermometer in their home. This hinders seniors in monitoring their health and in providing vital information to their healthcare providers while telecommunicating. In response to the lack of a thermometer and other pandemic health challenges facing Cobb County seniors, the Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County (SCC) has distributed (funded by sponsors donations) “VIAL OF LIFE PLUS” packets which include a medical history form (English and Spanish) and a sticker which can be placed on a refrigerator to inform Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel about a patients health information. Additionally, a digital thermometer, a mask, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer are included in each packet. Our Goal is to raise $15,000 to supply an additional 3,000 “VIAL OF LIFE PLUS” packets to Cobb seniors. YOU CAN HELP! YOU CAN DONATE and SPONSOR packets which will be distributed to seniors in Cobb through Cobb Meals on Wheels and groups that work with seniors. $50 = 10 packets $100 = 20 packets $250 = 50 packets $500 = 100 packets $1,000 = 200 packets If you are a business or organization and wish to sponsor packets or donate thermometers or hand sanitizer with your logo, please send an e-mail to or access the SCC website at: On behalf of senior residents of Cobb County thank you for your support.