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  • Click LOGIN.  

  • If you do not have an account, select Create new account and follow the instructions provided.  

  • You should now be logged in and see your name in the upper right hand corner.


  • Use the drop down menu for Giving Opportunities and select Goods & Services.  

  • Click Add Goods & Services button. (NOTE:  While anyone can submit Goods and Services Available, only opportunities submitted by authorized persons will be approved.)

  • All fields with an asterisk are required.

    • Under Select Organization, from the drop down list, select either Business, Individual Community Member, or the name of the non-profit organization. If the non-profit organization is not listed in the drop down, see the resources tab for instructions on how to Add An Organization

    • Provide the Phone number and Email address of the person to be contacted regarding this item.  

    • If you are a business offering services or offering items you otherwise sell, provide your Website for your company, otherwise, leave this field blank.  

    • If there is a specific cause area that you would like to assist or a specific population you would like to help, make the appropriate selections under Category and Population Served, otherwise, leave these fields blank.

    • Use the City, State and Zip Code for the location where the item should be picked up, if necessary.  Otherwise, leave these fields blank.

    • For Listing Type, select the option that best describes your good or service. If none apply, select Other and describe your item in the description.

    • To distinguish your post as an available item and not a need, begin your post with “AVAILABLE”, then provide a specific Description of the item and its condition and whether a pick-up is required.  

  • Click Save.  

  • A message will pop up on the screen: "Thank you for editing this data. Your changes will be submitted to the platform administrator for review". CCF will review the information and email you that your opportunity is active or to let you know if changes are needed.