Organization: Marietta Mentoring for Leadership
Zip Code: 30064 City: Marietta, GA
Start: 03/05/2019
End: 12/31/0019
Category: Children & Youth Education
Population Served: African American
Suited For: All
Volunteer Limit: 2
Requirement: 22 years and older
Phone Number:
Contact: Marge Kellogg
Contact Email:
Needed Days:
Description: Mentoring, at its core, guarantees young people that there is someone who cares about them, assures them they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges, and makes them feel like they matter. We pair 8th-12th graders with a 1:1 mentor from our community. Mentors commit to seeing their mentee 1-2 hours per month for at least 1 year. Matches are made based on interests, personalities, careers, hobbies, etc. to ensure a good fit. We provide support and training.