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Reach & Rise 1:1 Mentoring Program for Youth 9 - 17

Organization: Northwest Family YMCA

Reach & Rise is a free one-to-one youth mentoring program that was established to provide young people in our community with positive adult relationships. Through building safe, consistent, and fun relationships, mentors can help youth develop healthy social skills, improve academics, increase self-esteem, enhance decision-making, and cope with family and peer conflicts. A unique feature of the program is the therapeutic paraprofessional training mentors receive prior to being matched. The training helps mentors prepare to work successfully with at-risk youth by understanding issues facing youth (e.g. mental health issues, risk factors, cultural, and social development), developing relationship-building skills, and how to handle difficult situations. Reach & Rise is committed to on-going training and support for all volunteer mentors. Once YOU are matched with a youth (we say "you" because we know you're sold at this point), the real fun begins! Let your inner kid plan some fun activities - go to the park, play basketball, visit a museum/aquarium, or fly a kite! Be creative! MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY! 1:1 Mentoring for youth 9-17 Meet 1-3 hours a week for 1 year Be at least 21 years old Pass a background check Mentors are given FREE access to the Northwest Family YMCA during the time they are matched

Location: Kennesaw, GA 30152
Contact: Becky Cross
Contact Email:
Phone Number: 770-423-9622
Start Date: 08/01/2019
End Date: 12/31/2020
Days Needed:
Category: Children & Youth Education
Population Served: Children (5-14), Teenagers (14-19)
Suited For: Adult 21+
Volunteer Limit: N/A
Requirement: 21+, background check, orientation/training, 15 hour training