Community Services Assistant

Organization: Destiny's Daughters Of promise
Zip Code: 30101 City: Acworth, GA
Start: 09/30/2019
End: 05/04/2020
Category: Children & Youth Education
Population Served: Teenagers (14-19), Children (5-14), Female
Suited For: Adult 21+
Volunteer Limit: 2
Requirement: Able to pass background check
Phone Number: 770-485-5894
Contact: Patricia Henry
Contact Email:
Needed Days:
Warning: No times selected.
Description: The primary focus for the Community Service Assistant is to support the Community Service Director in ensuring that DDP students engage in the required hours of relevant community service projects. The Community Services Assistant will assist with all aspects of planning and tracking relevant community service projects for students in DDP. In addition, the assistant will be present during the service projects to ensure that students complete the assigned tasks. Times vary.