Volunteer Opportunities

All Grades at-risk Drop-out Prevention, coupled with Parental and other Programs

Organization: iFOCUS Consulting Firm, Inc.

How many of us consider ourselves to be a mentor? According to today's researchers, if we are adults, we are all mentors or role-models. This includes reporters, talk show hosts, sport figures, entertainers, internet celebrities, grocery store cashiers, church members, family, friends and others. In today's society, most of our parents, teachers, and communities want to be able to reach out to our children and guide them to make better choices. Unfortunately, the ways we communicate to our children are not always effective. So, it behooves us to search for new methods. Simply stated, learning better methods to educate and guide our children will produce better results. Besides, given the current changes in both our society and school system such as dropout rates, test scores, high school completion rates, and college entrance rates our children are at high-risk, socially and scholastically. Research states that a high school dropout average annual salary is $18,734.00 and a high school graduate is $27,915.00. That is why it is pertinent that the act of teaching our children to improve their behavior, their academics and their accountability be paramount in the homes, schools, and communities for them to become equipped graduates with the knowledge and skills to compete academically, participate behaviorally, and contribute with accountability in the global society. Because of this, iFOCUS is looking for equipped volunteers that are able to help us AID the at-risk and their parents to success, because without the awareness of the problems our children face and without methods to come together and help resolve the problems, there will be greater challenges for the stakeholders and for the future of our children.

Location: Mableton, GA 30126
Contact: Eric Robertson, Th.D., Ed.D.
Phone Number: 16786316778
Start Date: 09/01/2020
End Date: 05/31/2021
Days Needed:
Category: Schools
Population Served: Poor/Economically Disadvantaged
Suited For: All
Volunteer Limit: N/A
Requirement: N/A