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THE CONNECTION was created by Cobb Community Foundation as a mechanism for non-profits to share information about their missions, programs and resource needs.  The availability of such information is neither an endorsement nor recommendation of any organization or program described, and Cobb Community Foundation cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information presented.  Users are encouraged to perform their own due diligence before seeking services or donating time or other resources to any organization listed herein.


Organization: Wellstar Foundation
Marietta 30062
We are seeking immediate funding sources to provide COVID-19 Safety Kits to 100,000 individuals throughout our communities, addressing significant health disparities. These kits will include a face mask, instructions on making homemade face masks, hand sanitizer, resource lists/links for financial and food assistance, and culturally sensitive content on physical distancing and hand washing. Our intent is to partner with the following local agencies and existing partners to distribute these kits:

PPE for Staff - $35

Posted On : 05-01-2020
Organization: Vi & Milton Weinstein Hospice (Weinstein Hospice)
Atlanta 30339
PPE per hospice patient per visit is approximately $35.00. Between March 1, 2020 - May 1, 2020, Weinstein Hospice team members have made 80 visits to 7 patients who live in Cobb County. Total un-budgeted PPE cost to date is approximately $2,800.00.
Organization: Vi & Milton Weinstein Hospice (Weinstein Hospice)
PPE per hospice patient per visit is approximately $35.00 (N-95 mask, gloves, gown and face shield). Between March 1,2020 - May 1, 2020, Weinstein Hospice team members made 80 patient care visits to 7 patients living in Cobb County. Total unbudgeted PPE cost to date is approximately $2,800.00. In 2019 (January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019) Weinstein Hospice cared for 18 patients who lived in Cobb county and made a total of 770 visits. Based on this information, we anticipate our need for 2020 t
Organization: Vi & Milton Weinstein Hospice (Weinstein Hospice)
To help meet the acute care needs of cancer patients receiving hospice care from Weinstein Hospice. Out of almost 200 hospice organizations in Georgia, Weinstein Hospice is one of only a handful of non-profit hospices. Due to the very high cost of care for cancer patients, hospices in our state often have conflicting goals; To maximize profit and provide good patient care. Often, these two goals are at odds with one another. Physicians and hospitals in the Atlanta area refer more cancer patients
Organization: McKenna Farms Therapy Services
Donations are needed at this time to support two priority areas: 1) The Care of Our Horses: We are fortunate to have incredible volunteers who continue to work daily with our 16 therapy horses. However, the expenses to provide for feed, hay, veterinarian visits, dental care, and farrier continue despite whether or not the horses are being used for services. Donate by coping and pasting this link in your browser:
Organization: The Center for Children and Young Adults, Inc.
Austell 30008
The Center for Children and Young Adults (CCYA) is a local youth "home" with 42 beds where children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned live because they have no family or foster family to care for them. Some children "live" at CCYA for 3 to 4 years. Join us in helping these children. Shelter-in-place has increased the children’s Food & Supervision Needs and our Essential Workers who are caring for these children 24/7 need our help. Please donate to CCYA’s COVID-19 GO FUND
Organization: Davis Direction Foundation
We are seeing an increase of those with mental health issues that are not on their medications due to not being able to afford them. We are seeking donations to help fill their prescriptions. Please visit:

COVID-19 Relief

Posted On : 04-02-2020
Organization: YMCA of Metro Atlanta
Atlanta 30339
We are activating all of our YMCA branch locations to deliver childcare for thousands of healthcare workers and emergency responders. We are distributing meals for early learners, families, and seniors at YMCA sites and working with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to expand food pantries and offer food distribution to the community. We implemented Operation R.E.A.C.H. to engage our seniors and vulnerable groups during this difficult time, activating resources and support to keep them connected

Monetary Donations Needed

Posted On : 04-01-2020
Organization: Kennesaw State University CARE Services
Kennesaw 30144
Donations to CARE Services will be used by our team to purchase gift cards for grocery stores or nearby fast food restaurants as well as provide emergency food boxes/bags to give to students who have the greatest need. Also donations will help the team continue to provide housing and other financial supports offered by CARE that are critical to our students. If you would like to assist with a financial contribution, please visit;

$18.00 Feeds a Family

Posted On : 04-01-2020
Organization: Sweetwater Mission, Inc.
Austell GA 30106
As a partner of The Atlanta Community Food Bank we receive food at greatly reduced prices. For a donation of $18.00 we can provide food for a family...that often includes fresh milk, eggs, meat, fresh produce and non-perishables. Monetary donation go much further to help get food to those in need. Please donate today at:

Sponsor For Major Fundraiser

Posted On : 03-11-2020
Organization: Loving Arms Cancer Outreach, Inc
Our 7th annual DWTS of Loving Arms will be held saturday September 26 and we are in need of Sponsors. Most sponsorship levels are still available. If you are interested in helping us help cancer patients in our community, please contact Shay to find out what Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

Vision exams and glasses

Posted On : 12-30-2019
Organization: East Cobb Lions Club Foundation, Inc.
Marietta 30064
Since 2016, the East Cobb Lions Club Foundation and it's members of the East Cobb Lions Club have provided over 41,000 free vision screenings in the Cobb County School District. We can identify up to 6 different vision deficiencies compared to 1 that the previous testing discovered. A staff member at the school will determine if the child has resources available for an eye exam and eye wear, as needed. If none is available, our Foundation is committed to providing that service. Over the pas
Organization: Cobb Landmarks
This sponsorship covers admission fees to the Root House Museum for field trips scheduled by eligible Title I schools located in Georgia. Our wish is that classes from Title I schools have the opportunity to take a field trip to the Root House Museum to learn about local history free of charge. A $2,000 contribution allows 400 students free admission.

Youth Bullying Awareness

Posted On : 11-05-2019
Organization: Crowned for Purpose Corp
Kennesaw 30144
Crowned for Purpose Youth are hosting their first youth talent show at North Cobb High School. The Purpose of the event is to bring awareness to bullying. We are requesting assistance with the cost of the building and supplies for this event.
Organization: iFOCUS Consulting Firm, Inc.
Mableton 30126
The iFOCUS G25 Mentoring Program will utilize a specialized Close Gaps Curriculum conceptualized around the concepts of Shaping Character, Avoiding Pitfalls, Setting Goals, Excelling in Education, Having Fun, and Being Productive accompanied by the 20/20 Vision Program for parents. Implementation of this innovative program will require an infusion of capital. Funding will be used to offset costs associated with the student-centered iFOCUS Program and the parent-centered 20/20 Vision Program. Fun