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Marietta Mentoring for Leadership
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    We match high-potential, under-resourced youth with community mentors and provide collegial experiences to encourage and support students to maximize their leadership and their personal, academic, and future success.


    Kristen Thompson

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    1171 Whitlock Avenue, SW, Marietta, GA , 30064.

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    Collaborating with teachers and administrators, students are recommended to the program and matched with a mentor. These are students that teachers recognize as having high potential who may be lacking the support of a consistent adult role model to help them reach graduation and beyond, to the fulfillment of their dreams. Matches are based on gender and similar passions and interests and whenever possible, similar background and culture.

  • CCIG Recipient

    2019, 2016

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  • Education
  • Teenagers (14-19)
  • Children (5-14)

Organization Detail Marietta Mentoring for Leadership
  • Kristen Thompson
  • 404-697-8682
  • 1171 Whitlock Avenue, SW, Marietta, GA , 30064.
Mentoring Services
Our organization targets high potential, under resourced students to provide them with a mentor and onsite academic support and leadership training. Our goal is to help them graduate from high school and continuing to a post secondary education or military service.