Ferst Readers of Cobb County

Marietta, GA

Ferst Readers' mission is to “strengthen communities by providing quality books and literacy resources for children and their families to use at home during the earliest stages of development."

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  • Phone: 770-546-0222
  • Executive Director: Betsy Wagenhauser
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    EIN: 58-2489181
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    Ferst Readers was founded in 1999 to address the growing problem of children, many from from low-income communities, entering kindergarten without basic early literacy skills and school readiness, a preventable problem that has far-reaching impacts throughout students' lives. The recipe for early school success is simple: start school with strong literacy skills. Ferst Readers's recipe for encouraging early literacy development is even simpler. Ensure children have developmentally-appropriate books in their home and provide parents with resources that support them in their role as their child's first teacher. Children in the Ferst Readers literacy program receive a bookstore-quality, age-specific book and resources mailed to them at home every month until their fifth birthday. It's this access to print that helps create a language-rich environment in the home. Cobb Community Foundation serves as the fiscal agent for Ferst Readers of Cobb County.


P.O. Box 671868
Marietta, GA 30006
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Categories Education
Populations Infants/Babies (under age 5)

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One Book a Month

Each month, we mail a developmentally appropriate book to children, birth to five, registered in our program. These books are selected annually by a panel of experts in the field of early child development/education. Accompanying each book is a valuable parent newsletter that reinforces the importa...

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