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KIDS CARE Corporation
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    Our mission as a non-profit community based group of kids & families is to create, support & implement children's community service projects. We do this by volunteering together in a variety of ways for our community with fresh ideas from kids on who, what, when, where and how they want to help our community grow. With a vision for a balanced, healthy and safe world for all humans, animals and Planet Earth - Where We All Take Time To Care.


    Amie Burke

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    1464 Sweet Bottom Circle SW, Marietta, GA , 30064.

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    KIDS CARE is all about KIDS COMMUNITY SERVICE & VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES. Making the world a better place one helping at a time while encouraging community service for youth & families. KIDS CARE Corporation is newer nonprofit that incorporated on 1/21/2019. We are looking to form new partnerships with volunteers, donors & supporters. KIDS CARE was started by a mother daughter duo. An 8 year old girl wanted the world to know that KIDS do CARE. One day she made an acrostic poem for the word KIDS. Without any help at all she created Kindness in Doing Service for the word KIDS. And after a delicious discussion on community service the mother/daughter duo created the second half of our name CARE. Which stands for Connecting And Respecting Everyone. KIDS CARE was then born and the girls' missions are being heard & supported so that she can lead the way to serve the community in a way that a kid wants too. And what better way to do this than with other kids, families and friends. Lead on KIDS! Lead on!

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    Amie Burke

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Charitable Giving, Volunteerism & Grantmaking
  • Amie Burke
  • 517-414-8388
  • 1464 Sweet Bottom Circle SW, Marietta, GA , 30064.
Kindness Cards & Posters
Volunteer from your own home & make a difference. We will be collecting Kindness Cards & Posters that have encouragement & thank you's that we will give to Kennestone Hospital Staff, Local EMS, Fire, Police & Grocery Stores. You choose who you want to make the Kindness Card for, follow along with us on our social media to learn where drive by drop off points will be. We will deliver the cards/posters.