Wanted: Attorney for Executive Board of Directors

Organization: Loving Arms Cancer Outreach, Inc
Zip Code: 30060 City: Marietta, GA
Start: 10/23/2019
End: 10/23/2020
Category: Health & Wellness
Population Served: All
Suited For: Prospective Board Members
Volunteer Limit:
Requirement: Law degree
Phone Number: 770-590-5153
Contact: Bill Branson
Contact Email: bransonbill130@gmail.com
Website: https://lovingarms.support/
Needed Days:
Description: We are looking for an Attorney, possibly in general practice, with a public interest focusing on helping society in some manner. The Attorney would serve on our Executive Board of Directors (currently 9). The Attorney would provide advice primarily in areas of contracts and partnerships on an as needed basis. The time required is approximately 2 hours per month via phone. The Board meets quarterly, in the evening, for approximately 3 hours at our office in the Mansour Center in Marietta.